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Continuing My Mural Collection

Hahnemann University Hospital

October is Mural Art Month and what better way to celebrate than to visit Philadelphia and its Mural Art Program. Our four days there last week gave us opportunity to see the most beautiful works.

Independence Starts Here

Above is the Hahnemann University Hospital mural. It’s located on N. Broad and Race Streets, and we passed it every time we went back and forth from our hotel to the downtown attractions.

Philadelphia subway mural

Market East Station Mural

On Sunday, we met up with fellow Wisconsinites (friends of our son) at the Field House and watched Green Bay Packers beat the Vikings. This subway station mural is just outside the restaurant.

Common Threads mural in Philadelphia

Common Threads

Isn’t this mural beautiful? It’s been headline news lately since its $20,000 reglazing and repainting renovation was recently completed. When artist Meg Saligman originally painted it in 1997, it was the largest and most expensive mural of the time.

It’s located at N. Broad and Spring Garden Streets.

People's Progression Toward Equality

People’s Progression Toward Equality

“With malice toward none, with charity for all” —Abraham Lincoln

I found this mural at Ranstead and S. 8th Streets.

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

How’s this for business promotion? You can’t miss this mural on 305 South St. I love how the colors coordinate with those around it—the reds, the blues, the cream.

Creative Book Manufacturing, Philadelphia Murals

Where Girls Grow Strong

This mural is on the Creative Book Manufacturing building at 1422 Callowhill St. We must have run across it during one of our aimless wanderings down run-way streets. I’m sure I couldn’t find it again without a GPS!


Happy Halloween Philly-Style

Halloween decorations in Philadelphia

This week I’ve been a work slacker and a traveling bumpkin. It’s been great! And since we spent our first four days in Philadelphia, I’ve got to share some of the city’s brotherly love.

At first glance, Philly seems a bit, dare I say, course. But this is our second visit and I’m starting to see its softer side. Like Halloween, for example.

Philly seems pretty big on Halloween. Row house upon row house are decked out in orange lights, pumpkins and goblins. This fun decor, together with autumn wreaths on the doors and colorful mums on the stoops, gives these narrow-street neighborhoods a warm and cozy feel.

I found this welcoming goblin in front of a store. Isn’t it cool?

So Happy Halloween to all, Philadelphia-style!

Mastering the Art of Project Management

Wisconsin Lutheran State Teachers' Conference 2011

Each autumn one of my biggest projects is for the Wisconsin Lutheran State Teachers’ Conference. It’s a 2-day event in October, for which I design two pieces: a 36-40 page program for online registration and a 60-64 page booklet for a conference handout.

I call this an autumn project, but actually it starts much earlier. Way back in April, I met with Kris Snyder, coordinator for the conference, and together we began our planning. Kris is a great project manager and here’s the schedule she held us to—not an easy task when “us” is a large group of people, including workshop presenters, devotion leaders and business advertisers.


  • Discussed the chosen theme and how to visually convey it
  • Discussed last year’s project and how to make this year’s even better
  • Determined project timeframe


  • Finalized theme photography choices
  • Designed covers and banners for WLSTC webmaster to use for a “save-the-date” website


Online Registration Program


  • Early July, text for program sent to proofreader
  • Mid-July, program text in its final edited form sent to me, minus straggler content (commonly, the more people submitting content, the more straggler content there is. Kris does wonders keeping this in check)


  • Completed program conception and layout to date


Conference Handout Booklet


  • Late September, conference booklet text in its final edited form emailed to me, minus straggler content


  • While I worked on the design and layout of the booklet, Kris had the difficult job of gathering straggler content and ads (Note to all: Our time equals your money. One of the easiest ways to keep your costs down is to meet deadlines.)
  • Booklet completed and final approval given for print
  • October 14: booklet in pre-press format sent to Badger Press, Fort Atkinson, WI
  • Final product will be ready for an October 27-28 conference!

Looking for a highly professional and well-organized conference planner? Contact Kris Snyder!

Need vibrant, highly effective programs and promotional pieces for your next event? Contact me!



Social Media Connects Even the Remote

Autumn Corn

Gotta say, days like today I feel like queen of the world!

I get to do work I love and I get to do it out of an eclectic, old house. When I need a break, I simply step outside and immerse myself in God’s wondrous nature. And, like today, when the thermometer reaches the high 70s and autumn colors are peaking, life just doesn’t get any better!

Not long ago, working in a remote location such as mine wasn’t feasible. My neighborhood is rural (my closest neighbor is actually further away than this photo depicts) and in the old days I would have missed out on all the action.

Nowadays, of course, that’s all changed. We conduct business from anywhere and the continuously advancing internet enables us to stay in touch with everyone. Nothing emphasizes this more than social media.

Last month I participated in Brazen U’s Social Media Strategy Bootcamp. I’ve been promoting my business via social media for several years with a pleasing degree of success. The tips I learned from the bootcamp, however, are sure to increase that in so many ways—how I organize my social media time, how I make the most of my online presence, and how I measure what’s working and what’s not.

Most importantly, the bootcamp course enforced what I’ve heard over and over: “Marketing hasn’t changed, but the tools have, and social media has become the tool.”

Looking for measurable proof?

I recently sat down and did some 3rd quarter calculations for my business. After nine months of decided efforts to ramp up my social media, I’ve seen a 20% increase in client base and a 46% decrease in advertising expenses. That’s a pretty good ROI, wouldn’t you say? Especially for me, since my only investment is time and I love my time marketing with social media.

Here’s the social media I’ve been participating in so far:

  • Facebook: Check out my page, leave a comment, and leave a “Like!”
  • Twitter: I used to think Twitter was stupid. Now I know better.
  • LinkedIn: My favorite social media. Its groups are the best.
  • Google+: Still figuring this one out. Hey, you can only do so much!


Wednesday Webs 10-5-11

Steve Jobs

Someone on tonight’s news compared Steve Jobs to Albert Einstein.

A little extreme? I don’t think so.

Today, the world lost a brilliant man who, like Einstein, changed our lives in ways we can’t begin to conceive. May God be with his family and keep them in his loving care.

In memory of Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”