Wednesday Webs: I AM AIGA

Adunate is a proud sustaining member of AIGA

I just renewed my annual AIGA membership. This is a big expense for me, a solo entrepreneur, but it’s a statement I’m willing to make. I support the joining together of creative professionals, both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

On that note, among others, here’s an interesting article on AIGA’s opinion of the logo for Tokyo’s Olympics 2020:

Wednesday Webs: Potica and Other Delicious Musings

Slovenian Potica

Last weekend we gathered the family together and made potica. If you’re of Slovenian or Austrian descent, you likely know how delicious this heritage coffeecake is—tons of butter, cream, honey and nuts. No calories whatsoever!

While beer-touring in northern Minnesota this fall, we ate lunch at the Biwabik Pub, easily the friendliest, tastiest bar and grill in all the Gopher State. The owner Sharon was more than happy to discuss potica with us because in that area everyone and their brother is Slovenian. According to her, each family has its traditional recipe and, like all traditions, each claims its is best. Sharon even offers annual potica classes right there in the pub (this year her Christmas class was cancelled because a family baby is on the way, instead she’s offering it at Easter—she’ll let us know).

So this week I’m eating potica, deliciously packing on seasonal pounds, and perusing interesting sites:

Wednesday Webs: Changing Seasons


Believe it or not, I’m still canning garden produce. This tasty Giardiniera has been fermenting for a few weeks and is now ready to be sealed in jars. It will be my last batch and as I pack away the kettles, I’ll say adiós and gracias for a bountiful year!

So, winter, bring it on! I’m ready and waiting!

Wednesday Webs: Autumnal Equinox

autumnal equinox pumpkins and squash

Happy Autumnal Equinox. What an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous day—81 degrees, sunny and crisp. I love autumn!

Wednesday Webs: Coming Together (with artistry and deliberation)

The beauty of children's art